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My philosophy on education has developed from the different paths that I’ve taken in my life. I’ve always been a person who has embraced learning, and I’ve always been drawn to explore ways that I could be of service to people. 

Meet Diane

At an early age, I realized that I have a gift for recognizing others’ needs, leading me to a career as a social worker and psychotherapist working with families, especially around parenting concerns. I found this work to be incredibly fascinating and rewarding, and at the same time, as an avid reader and lifelong writer, I knew I wanted to combine my expertise and my passions and work with children and teens to help them develop a similar love of literature and writing. I changed careers to become a secondary level English teacher.

During my time in the traditional classroom setting (and as a parent of three grown children – each with his own unique academic strengths and challenges), I saw firsthand how a generic teaching approach could not possibly support every student adequately. Many students were not getting all that they needed; they were getting lost or losing ground. I decided early on that working one-on-one with students was the direction I wanted to take. I have watched my students gain confidence and competence, and have seen how my tutoring model has helped students increase motivation and develop the skills necessary to excel both in the classroom and on standardized tests.