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Parent Services

An adolescent’s struggle with schoolwork, especially given today’s academically competitive environment, often presents challenges for parents, as well as for the student. Any parent who has had the experience of helping a child struggling with an assignment, knows exactly what I mean.

While students need support, parents often do, too! 

In addition to a wide range of tutoring services for students, I offer consultations for parents. Drawing on my experience as a Master’s level educator, a Master’s level social worker who has facilitated parenting workshops and parenting groups for many years, as well as a parent of three children, now in their twenties, I can be a valuable resource for parents in their own struggles with their children. I first meet with parents to get a better idea of their specific concerns and of the relationship dynamics at play, and then we brainstorm to find the right language and strategies; we work together to develop more effective ways for parents to support their children in their schoolwork and goals.

Whether you choose to schedule a formal parent consultation or not, I am always available to answer questions and hear your concerns regarding your child’s progress.